24 September - 1 October 2016

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BIDF 2015 numbers:
300+ submissions
from 64 countries

Films in Competition on BIDF 2016

Let Them Be Normal

1. Call Me Marianna (Karolina Bielawska, Poland, 2015)
2. Life Animated (Roger Ross Williams, USA, 2016)
3. Don Juan (Jerzy Sladkowski, Sweden – Finland, 2015)
4. Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? (Barak Heyman, Tomer Heyman, Israel – UK, 2016)
5. What He Did (Jonas Poher Rasmussen, Denmark, 2015)
6. Natural Disorder (Christian Sønderby Jepsen, Denmark, 2015)
7. Magnus (Benjamin Ree, Norway, 2016)
8. The Battle With Satan (Konrad Szolajski, Poland, 2015)
9. Prison System 4614 (Jan Soldat, Germany, 2015)
10. Unstoppables (Bartosz M. Kowalski, Poland, 2015)

Let Us Have Power

1. The Longest Run (Marianna Economou, Greece, 2015)
2. The Dangerous world of Dr Dolecek (Kristýna Bartosová, Czech Republic, 2015)
3. Fuoccoamare (Gianfranco Rosi, Italy, 2016)
4. Under The Sun (Vitaly Mansky, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia, North Korea, 2015)
5. Brave as Lions (Françoise Davisse, France, 2015)
6. We Have Never Been Kids (Mahmood Soliman, Egypt, 2014)
7. Matrix AB (Vít Klusák, Czech Republic, 2015)
8. Nice People (Karin af Klintberg – Anders Helgeson, Sweden, 2015)
9. Lampedusa in Winter (Jakob Brossmann, Austria - Italy - Switzerland, 2015)

Let Me Know The Secret

1. Steam On The River (Robert kirchhoff – Filip Remunda, Slovakia – Czech Republic, 2015)
2. With Or Without You (Hyuckjee Park, South Korea, 2014)
3. Between Sisters (Manu Gerosa, Italy – Belgium, 2015)
4. Samuel In The Clouds (Pieter van Eecke, Belgium – Netherlands, 2016)
5. A Family Affair (Tom Fassaert, Netherlands, 2015)
6. Our Last Tango (German Kral, Germany – Argentina, 2015)
7. The Closer We Get (Karen Guthrie, UK, 2015)
8. Brothers (Wojciech Staron, Poland – Russia, 2015)
9. Presenting Princess Shaw ((Ido Haar, Israel, 2015)

Let Us Be Short

1. Women in Sink (Iris Zaki, Israel – UK, 2015)
2. The Conversation (Anastasia Novikova, Russia, 2015)
3. Once Upon a Time There were Two Ballerinas (Linda Dombrovszky, Hungary, 2016)
4. Miles To Go Before I Sleep (Hanna Hovitie, Finland, 2015)
5. The Unindentified (Marija Ristić – Nemanja Babić, Bosnia Herczegovina – Serbia – Kosovo, 2015)
6. I am Not From Here (Maite Alberdi – Giedre Žickyte, Chile – Denmark – Lithuania, 2016)
7. Those (Krisztina Meggyes, Hungary, 2015) 
8. If God Almighty Doesn't Help (Norbert Molvay, Hungary, 2016)

BIDF screenings at Művészetek Völgye

We have already finished our monthly scrennings, but you don't have to wait until the end of september if you would liek to wath fantastic documentaries. This year BIDF will bring the best international documentaries of the last years to the big hungarian all-art festival, Művészetek Völgye! The place and time of the screenings: Taliándörögd, school, 18:00 and 21:30 every day

The screening program:

22 July: Two raging Grannies (NOR)

23 July: The Special Need (ITA)

24 July: Light Fly, Fly High (NOR)

25 July: The Balrrom Dancer (DEN)

26 July: 16 Years Till Summer (SCO)

27 July: Waiting for August (RO)

28 July: Invisible Strings (HUN)

29 July: The Queen of Silence (POL)

30 July: The Crash Reel (USA)

31 July: Ne Me Quitte Pas (NED)


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